Gahar, a jewel in the Zagros

Gahar, a jewel in the Zagros

One of the most attractive and magnificent lakes in Iran that shines like a jewel in the heart of the Zagros mountains is Gahar lake. Gahar mountain lake is located in Oshtrankuh mountain range in Lorestan province. It’s really worth to keep going and reach to the lake and experience this dazzling region of Iran, so read the text and plan your next travel to Gahar lake, IMT will be your guide in this trip.

Location of the heaven!

This beautiful lake is located 35 km from Dorud city in Lorestan province. This city is located at a distance of 87 km from Lorestan and 416 km from Tehran. Gahar literally means water, this amazing lake locates among the mountains of Oshtrankuh with a height of 2,350 meters.

There are several reasons that why this lake has become a popular place and is a special place. This lake is one of the largest freshwater mountain lakes in Iran. Also, the location of the lake makes it untouched and virgin. There is a great variety of flora and fauna in this area. So, that many tourists travel to beautiful Lorestan every year to visit this variety.

In fact, Gahar consists of two lakes:  Larger one has an area of ​​85 hectares and its depth is measured from 4 to 28 meters. Of course, due to the low water temperature, this lake is not suitable for swimming except for professional swimmers with diving suits and equipment. Smaller one that is far about 30 min from the min lake. Another feature that has added to the beauty of Lorestan Gahar lake is the unique transparency of water.  The clear water of the lake has made it wonderful for visitors. This feature has also been considered by many nature photographers, so lots of photography lover come here every year and take photos of this amazing lake.
The larger Gahar has sand in some parts of the coast and in some areas an attractive rocky beach appears in front of tourists. This area has all the necessary features for a great walking around.

Flora and fauna

Gahar Lake is one of the main habitats of Dolly Varden trout, therefore fishing is one of the main activities that could be done by tourists. Of course, fishing with hooks is possible by obtaining a fishing license.

Fishes are not the only amazing animals of Gahar lake, OshtranKuh has a very high biodiversity of plants and animals; 600 plant species and 274 species of animals have been identified in the region.
Plants of the region includes Persian oak, juniper, almond, wild pear, hawthorn, astragalus, artichoke, yarrow, thyme, Persian sage, overturned tulip, coma, Mir Hassan hat, Oshtrankuhi mint, carnation Oshtrankuhi carnation, Muskmallow, ivy and etc.

Important animals in the area include: rams, goats, brown bears, Persian leopards, wild cats, hyenas, common foxes, wolves, partridges, partridges, cormorants, seagulls, hawks, hawks, golden eagles, shoebill, white-tailed swallow, starling, starling, owl, white stork, desert owl, tortoise, blind snake, horned snake, lizard snake eye and etc.

How to reach to Gahar lake?

There are two different routes to Gahar lake:

  • Dorud route: After reaching to Dorud city, you should go to the Darb-e Astaneh and Shah Pirvali villages, then take the Cheshmeh Khiveh road, which is 17 km from Dorud city. Up to this part of the route, the road is asphalt and could be reached by car,from Cheshmeh Khiveh to Gahar Lake, there is 18 km distance, which you can walk or ride by mule. We recommend you to park your car and rent a mule. Also, it is better to have proper hiking shoes with you, because the route is stony
  • Aligudarz route: You can also reach Gahar Lake from Aligudarz. The road from Aligudarz to Gahar Lake is 03:30 hours by car and 01:30 hours by foot.
    You have to move from Aligudarz city and continue the 65 km car route. The villages of Joshan, Zazam, Baram, Khanabad and Cheshmeh Par are on your way. After these villages, you will see a large plain covered with overturned tulips, 20 km later, you reached to Tapleh hill. You have to park your car here and walk for 7 km. The first village is Tian village, Gahar lake is next to the village.
    The Aligudarz route is shorter, but IMT recommend the Durud route because it probably safer for individual travels.