Valasht Mountain Lake; one of freshwater lakes of Iran

Valasht Mountain Lake; one of freshwater lakes of Iran

Valasht Mountain Lake; one of freshwater lakes of Iran

Valasht mountain lake is located in the southwest of Chalus and northeast of Kelardasht. This lake is one of the freshwater lakes in the country, which has a very special environment due to its climate. According to many tourists, Valasht is the pearl of Chalus. The water of this lake is supplied by rain and water of underground springs. One of the most important rivers that flow into this lake called “Sardabrood” river that means (cold water). This river originates from the heights of Kelardasht and is the main reason for the fresh water of Valasht. There is no output from this lake, the lake is 150000 squire meters and the average depth of this lake is 30 meters. In this lake, sports such as boating and entertainment such as fishing can be done.


Flora and fauna of the lake

In terms of vegetation, the nature around Lake Valasht is not as rich and fertile as you might expected from the north part of Alborz and only a few species of trees and shrubs can be found around it. Near the lake, you can only see the presence of small shrubs and bushes, as well as reed plants, some of which are up to six meters deep in the soil. However, as far as the eye can see, the greenery and pastures are beautiful and full of fruit.
The climate of the region is cool, clean and mountainous, and the existence of a freshwater lake of this magnitude has made the Valasht region a suitable place for the life of many creatures such as aquatic species and birds such as whitefish, blue snakes and frogs.


The best season to go to Lake Valasht

Nature always wears different colors and clothes in different seasons. Valasht lake has a different face in each season but the best season is spring. This doesn’t mean that the lake isn’t dazzling in winter or autumn.

It is also possible to use a private boat and swim in Lake Valasht, and if you are a fisherman, this lake is a good place for this activity.

Due to the history of drowning in the lake while swimming, if you are not a skilled swimmer, better not to go too far from the shores of the lake so don’t go to the deep parts of the lake. We recommend that you visit this lake during the week and avoid traveling to Lake Valasht on weekends.


Lake Valasht routes

Valasht Lake is located northeast of Kelardasht and near Marzanabad. It is about 10 km from Kaleno village to the lake, which will vary depending on your car when you reach the lake. Of course, there are people who travel this route by bicycle or on foot.

To move towards the lake, you should note that if you move from Kelardasht, there are no signs and guides for finding the lake road but remember that you should enter the Kaleno village road and continue your way to the lake after passing Kaleno village.
Unfortunately, some parts of the road is steep, but still many people travel to the lake with their cars without any problems.
There are also crossroads along the way that don’t have signposts and you need to know in advance which way to go, IMT suggest you to ask local people for choosing the correct direction.

Along this lake, suitable amenities such as boats, pavilions, restaurants, supermarkets and toilets have been provided, which will satisfy travelers during their stay around the lake.