Shur-Mast ; amazing lake in Savadkuh

Shur-Mast ; amazing lake in Savadkuh

Shur-Mast mountain lake is one of the most beautiful recreation places in Iran. If you want to watch a unique painting up close, we recommend you to take a trip to this mountain lake and record it in your memories. Shur-Mast lake with an area of ​​15,000 square meters and a maximum depth of 6 meters is located in the south of Mazandaran province. The shore of the lake is covered with large and leafy alder trees. The silence and tranquility of the lake along with the beauty of the surrounding scenery, has made this lake one of the most beautiful nature and tourism attractions in Savadkuh region. IMT invites you to read this text and know more about the lake.


Best time to visit Shur-Mast lake

The fresh weather of spring is the best time to go for nature walks. The best time for the visit and breath near the lake is spring; Of course, in autumn, the lake is spectacular among the magical colors of the season.

If you go to this place during the rainy and cold season, have to have the necessary equipment with you, depending on the route and the road to Shur-Mast, so that you do not face any problems. Shur-Mast lake region is covered with old trees, which has made the area even more pristine. We recommend you to experience boating and watching the Veresk Bridge and the unique waterfalls of this region in summer. The lake has an altitude of 940 meters above sea level, which is the main reason why Shur -Mast lake to be called as a mountain lake.


Flora and fauna of Shur-Mast lake

The Shur-Mast lake area is part of the Hyrcanian forests and has a variety of broadleaf plants, many of which are native to Iran. Evangelical trees with their special trunks and leaves are among these plants that have hardwood and grow up to 25 meters. The leaves of the tree turn orange, red and yellow in autumn, which is very spectacular and eye-catching. Also, there are about 80 plant species like Hornbeam, common Medlar, beech trees in this region. Also, the main animal species of the region are: Roe deer, Red Deer, Leopard, Common Fox, Jackal, Boar, Brown Bear, Partridge, most kinds of birds of prey.


How to get to Lake Shur-Mast lake?

Move from Tehran to Rudehen and continue to Firuzkuh Road. Continue towards Veresk and Pol Sefid. Less than 2 km after the Pol Sefid gas station, there is an exit on your left. It is about 5 km from the beginning of the exit to Shur-Mast lake; Enter the exit and after reaching the crossroads, turn left again to enter Shahid Rajaei Road. About a mile and a half later, you will reach to an intersection. Turn left and continue on the road and turn left at the next intersection. In a short distance on a rocky road you will reach the Shur-Mast Lake.  it’s 4 to 5 hours drive from Tehran, near 200 km.