Ovan lake; one of the freshwater lakes of Iran

Ovan lake; one of the freshwater lakes of Iran

Ovan lake is one of the pristine natural lakes of Iran in Qazvin province, which feels like a beautiful jewel in the mountainous and pleasant climate of Alamut, Qazvin. The proximity of Ovan lake to Tehran has made this place a good place to travel for nature lovers, so the lake hosts hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists annually.

Ovan lake is located in the city and village of Moallem Kelayeh in the Rudbar district of Alamut, Qazvin province. This lake is located in the northern half of Alamut, at the foot of Khashchal mountain, 75 km northeast of Qazvin city and among the four villages of Ovan, Varin, Zavardasht and Zarabad of Qazvin province. The lake has an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters and it’s depth reaches about 6 meters in the deepest part. The lake doesn’t receive water directly from its external environment and its only source of water is rainfall and springs at the bottom of the lake. Also, a small river lake overflows, the water of which is used by farmers in nearby villages. Ovan is one of the freshwater lakes in Iran, which relies on groundwater resources to survive.


The best season to visit Ovan lake

In spring, Ovan lake and its nature are absolutely beautiful, and in summer, it is a fun resort for tourists.  To enjoy the pleasant weather, the golden time to visit is May to October.
Due to the high altitude of the lake and being located at the foot of Khashchal mountain, the climate of the lake is very cold in winter and autumn.


Flora and fauna of Ovan lake

If you look at the lake from the top of the surrounding mountains, you will see Ovan lake surrounded by beautiful plants, that extend to the foot of high mountains around the lake and solid mountains surround it like a jewel.

Around Ovan lake, tree species such as Willow, Sycamore, Populus Nigra, Apple, Cherry, Elm, Hazelnut and Walnut. Also, there are herbaceous plants such as Astragalus, Artichoke, Licorice. In addition, various other species of the Gramineae and Leguminous families are also found in the Ovan watershed.

Ovan wildlife also includes whole goats, which have been significantly reduced due to overhunting and habitat destruction.
Leopards, Brown Bears, Foxes, Jackals, Wolves, Boars, Shengs, Lynx or Wild Cats, Eagles, Slab, Deliche, Falcon, Owl, Partridge, Cuckoo, Woodpecker, Greyhound, Crow and Sparrows, Frog, Turtle, Crabs and etc. Also, a variety of fish, including colorful trout, carp and duck, also live in the lake.


Things to do on Ovan lake

  • Bird watching: Ovan lake is also one of the best places for wildlife enthusiasts, especially birds, because birds such as swans, geese and ducks migrate to this place during the migration season and in autumn, and there is a good opportunity to watch it.
  • Ice skating: One of the activities that you can do in this lake is the exciting sport of ice skating, which is possible in winter due to the cold weather and the freezing of its surface.
  • Boating: There are pedal boats on Ovan lake to sail and enjoy this fun pastime.
  • Mountaineering: The heights around Ovan give you the opportunity to see and enjoy Ovan from the top while climbing.
  • Photography: The beauties and landscapes around Ovan are the best subjects for photography. If you are a photographer, do not miss the capture of Ovan's beautiful landscapes, especially the morning fog over the lake.


Ovan lake access routes

The access route to Ovan lake is Tehran-Qazvin highway. At the entrance of Qazvin and in the term of local people, you reached Gharibkosh square, on your right you see the sign of Alamut. Continue the route of Qazvin and Alamut, which is a spectacular route, full of green plains, and of course mountainous, that has dangerous and very beautiful passes.
After Rajai Dasht cross and ride for about two hours, you will reach a crossroads; one way to Alamut and the other to Ovan lake. After eight kilometers and passing through the green village of Zarabad, you reach to Ovan lake.

  • Distance from Qazvin to the lake: 75 km
  • Distance from Tehran to the lake: 215 km
  • Distance from Karaj to the lake: 175 km from Karaj-Qazvin freeway

Tips during Ovan lake visiting

  • Hunting is forbidden in this area due to the preservation of Ovan lake ecosystem. So, in order to preserve the wildlife and environment of this lake, avoid doing these things separately.
  • Swimming in Ovan lake is prohibited due to the sediments of the lake floor and existing plants and is a dangerous activity for tourists, IMT doesn’t recommend it!