Churat Lake; Young freshwater lake in Iran!

Churat Lake; Young freshwater lake in Iran!

Churat Lake is located near the village of Churat in Sari city, Mazandaran province. The lake was created about eighty years ago by a landslide. In 1320, an earthquake occurred in this area, which caused landslides and closed the waterway of the spring that is located next to the current lake, and this event created a 2.5-hectare lake. One of the attractions of this lake is that when the water recedes, the trees that used to be in this place not so long ago, come out from under the water and create a very attractive and spectacular view; a scene you have seen in perhaps less places in the world!

The lake is located in the rift of a valley with a steep slope, which this natural position has added to the special beauty of the lake. The lake is oval in shape and is surrounded by pristine forest cover, creating a magical landscape.
The depth of Lake Churat varies according to the season and the amount of seasonal rainfall. In every season of the year, the rising and falling water of the lake creates a unique landscape. Due to its geological location, the lake doesn’t have many aquatic species, and the fish in it have been thrown into the lake by the locals.


Flora and fauna of Churat Lake

Despite the low age of the lake, Churat has a diverse flora and fauna. His captivity among the forest trees has created a variety of tree cover, and many trees such as Beech and Alder have grown around the lake.

Vegetation, especially in autumn, is very spectacular and unique, while the sky is cloudy and foggy, the lake is surrounded by yellow, red and orange colors that are very spectacular.

If you look at the ground, you will see beautiful flowers and plants that are amazing in color and fragrance. Walnut and Juniper trees are above your head and colorful flowers are under your feet.
Also, many species of animals live around this lake, Brown Bears, Leopards, Wolves, Jackals, Caspian red deers and Wild Cats are among the animal species of Churat Lake, that live next to beautiful birds such as Pheasants in this area.


Churat Lake attractions

  • Fishing in Churat Lake: There are many fish and aquatic animals living in Churat Lake, but fortunately the threat of extinction doesn’t threaten any of them. So, if you are interested in this relaxing pastime, you should bring your fishing equipment and spend hours fishing in the heart of nature!
  • Boating on Lake Surat: Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to rent a boat on Churat Lake, and if you see people floating by boat in the fog and pristine nature, you should know that these people have brought the boat with them.
    In addition, boating inside Churat isn’t dangerous at all and you don’t need to worry about anything.
  • Walking in the jungle: Some people who are a little more physically fit and are not satisfied with seeing the lake alone, pick up their backpacks and go to war.
    Of course, to access the lake, you have to cross a forest path. So, if you want to have a unique experience, IMT recommend you to get out of the car and head into the forest before you reach the lake.


Best time to visit Churat Lake

The fact is that our story lake is extremely beautiful in all seasons of the year and will create unforgettable memories for you.
In spring, the green color of the trees dazzles the eyes, and in summer, the coolness of the forest refreshes the soul. In the colorful autumn season, a festival of color and beauty is held in the lake, and in winter, the whiteness of the snow gives an amazing beauty to the nature of the lake.  Also, if you want to go to the lake in winter, be aware of the cold, travel with enough equipment to enjoy the pleasant cold and peace and quiet.  It gets a little crowded around the lake at other times of the year, especially on weekends, and if your goal in the trip is to enjoy the tranquility and tranquility of paradise, you should be careful in planning your travel time or ask IMT consultants.


Routes to Churat Lake

  • Route from Sari: Churat Lake is located exactly 50 km south of Sari city in the Chahardangeh Rural District. The best way to go to this wonderful lake is the Sari-Kiasar route. After about 25 km in this route, you will see the sign of Churat village and after 15 km you will reach the village. The lake is 10 km away from the village. The path to the lake is a dirt road and you can get help from local guides to find the path.
  • Route from Semnan: You can first go about 25 km north of Semnan to enter Shahmirzad. From there, according to the signs, take the path to Sari to reach Foulad Mahalleh and Kiasar after about 150 km. Continue the route to cross the river and from there you can see the entrance to the village of Churat. From the entrance of this road to the village of Churat, it is about 15 km and from the village itself to the lake you have to go another 10 km.

Important points in visiting Churat Lake

  • To enter Churat Road, be sure to use the map or GPS.
  • Some parts of the route are completely dirt.
  • In case of rain, it is better not to visit this lake, because you will stay in the mud.
  • Have a few extra clothes with you.
  • Visit this lake as a group.
  • Be sure to bring complete equipment such as jacks, spare tires, water tanks and tire chains.
  • It is possible to camp in this lake, so you can bring your own tent.