Neor lake; a beautiful lake in Ardebil

Neor lake; a beautiful lake in Ardebil

Neor lake is located as the largest natural freshwater lake in Ardabil province and is one of the famous natural sights of Iran. The lake is one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural attractions in the province, which has a cool climate and attracts many tourists every year. Neor lake is located at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level in the mountain valleys of Talesh, due to the location of this lake between Gilan and Ardabil provinces, you will see a pleasant climate and lush and beautiful landscapes that are like a beautiful masterpiece of nature.  It can be seen between Talesh city and Ardabil and Khalkhal cities and shines like a jewel in the nature of this region. Neor lake consists of two lakes of 40 hectares and 180 hectares, which meet in spring and form a lake with a depth of about 5 to 13 meters and an area of ​​about 200 hectares. There is an interesting ecosystem around the lake under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the environment is of great value for habitat, ecotourism, beekeeping, agriculture and animal husbandry.
A dam called Qanli Darreh has been built to use the water of this lake.


Why seeing Neor lake is valuable?

  • Neor lakeis one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country.
  • Neor lakeis considered as the largest natural lake in Ardabil.
  • In this lake, you will see many natural and spectacular landscapes such as soaring mountains and beautiful wild flowers.
  • Neor lake is the best destination for fishing, especially trout ones.


Neor lake other attractions

  • Fishing: one of the spectacular attractions of Neor lake is the presence of rainbow trout that you can participate in a fishing competition in September or go fishing for your own fun. Just keep in mind that lake fish must be caught before the onset of winter, otherwise they will all perish as the lake water freezes.
  • Camping and photography: you can spend hours around this beautiful lake and not notice the passage of time, have a picnic in a clean and beautiful area away from the excitement of the city and enjoy the beauties of this area. Also do not forget the camera when traveling to this area, because it has unique views that you can capture enchanting artistic photos.
  • Use of medicinal plants: Neor lake area is full of plants that have healing properties, and in this area, you can collect them, next we will tell the name of these plants.


Flora and fauna of Neor lake region

Around this lake, you can access 70 species of plants, each of which has medicinal, edible or industrial properties. Also, plants such as Wheat, Barley, Lentils, Chickpeas and Clover, Chamomile, Yarrow, Five Finger, Allele, Mint, Artichoke and Sorrel are among the most important plants of the region. Neor lake animals include Plankton, Pnd-belly oyster, Bivalve mollusk, Leech, Dragonfly and Rainbow trout.

The amphibians of this region are Swamp Frogs.
Reptiles in the area include Lizards, Snakes, Rattlesnakes, Blue Snakes and Turtles. Mammals in the area also include Brown Bears, Wolves, Foxes, Rabbits, Mink Otters, Rats and Bats.  In addition to all the creatures mentioned, you can see many domestic animals such as cattle, sheep and horses in this area that move freely.


How to access Neor lake

To reach this lake, you can enter Khalkhal road from the southeastern edge of Ardabil city, after 35 km, you will reach Budalalu village. On your left you will see the path of Abbas Abad village which is about 10 km and after passing by Abbas Abad village, you will enter the lake road which is about 5 km, at this time you will see the lake, note that the mountain road of the lake It was asphalt but the road around the lake is rocky.

IMT recommend you to travel with a local guide to the region.